Seamless Control

Simplify the task of producing professional-quality video presentations. Easily switch between various inputs such as microphones, video, laptop, Internet and live performance with our extensive range of video equipment rental. Professional presentation at your fingertips.

Fast, reliable delivery and installation guaranteed. Equipment demos or operator provided.

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Vista Spydervideo equipment rental

Suitable in many different environments for different devices and combinations incl. projectors, plasma screens, LED walls, rear projection cubes, etc. Unsurpassed power and functionality in only 4 rack units.

Analog Way Pulse PLS300

For seamless transitions between ANY source. 10 inputs and power in a single rack unit. Hire Rate $600/day

video equipment rental

Perfect Cue Remote Presenter video equipment rental

Remote controlled Presenter that contains two onboard USB ports to control simultaneous computers (one as a back up) running in sync. Hire Rate $80/day

Magenta RBG over CAT5video equipment rental

Highest-quality video reproduction at 450′ (137m) of CAT5/UTP cable and EQ matching for optimum fidelity at any distance. Dual Port option for linking to other receivers, saving the cost of a transmitter. Hire Rate $100/day per pair

RGBHV Distribution Amplifiervideo equipment rental

Hire Rate $50/day

VGA Distribution Amplifier

Hire Rate $50/day

Sony 1024 Scan Convertervideo equipment rental

High Quality Scan Converter/Scaler. Hire Rate $220/day

CINDE Matrix Switcher 4X4

Versatile 4-input, 4-output full matrix switcher with illuminated tactile keypad. Ideal for small scale production, corporate and education installations. Hire Rate $30/day

video equipment rentalCINDE Matrix Switcher 8X8

Versatile audiovisual switcher suitable. Routing for 8 video or audio sources to 8 fully independent outputs. Hire Rate $80/day video equipment rental

Folsom Screen Pro video equipment rental

8 Input Seamless Data Switcher. Universal inputs accept composite video, S-Video, component and computer video sources (640×480 VGA to 1600×1200 UXGA). Optimal image quality. Hire Rate $500/day

Mx-50 Digital Video Mixer video equipment rental

The WJ-MX50’s combination of professional digital video and audio mixing features makes it an all-purpose unit which is ideal for live production. Hire Rate $250/day